Yacht and Ship ownership in Panama

The Republic of Panama has the largest and most popular shipping registry in the world today. Over the years, international shipping companies have flocked to Panama to take advantage of the low registration taxes and fees applied by the Panama government as compared to other countries. Panama is one of the most active participants of the International Maritime Organisation. The procedure for obtaining a license for a boat, in comparison with procedures in other countries, is greatly simplified.

Advantages of Ship Registration in Panama:

The following particulars will need to be presented for the provisional registration of a yacht:

6099 USD
5899 USD
6199 USD
6299 USD
Government filing fee for ship registration
Ship station radio license
Certificate of Deletion of vessel from previous registry
Company formation including goverment filing fees
Registered office address for 12 months
Apostille & documents legalisation
Company seal
Share certificate
Courier shipping fees
Nominee shareholder for 1 year  
Nominee director for 1 year  
The Power of Attorney  
Business account at Rietumu Bank (fast-track)    
HSBC Margin FX bank account (fast-track)    
Total cost 6099 USD 5899 USD 6199 USD 6299 USD
Annual service fees 1300 USD 1300 USD 1300 USD 1300 USD

Purchasing a yacht is a major acquisition which requires careful planning and consideration. We invite you to contact us for a Free Initial Consultation at [email protected]

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