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General Information

The Netherlands, generally known as Holland, is situated at the estuaries of the Rhine and the Mass and is bordered by Germany in the East and Belgium in the South. The country is small and just 37,000 square Kilometres with almost all of the coastal areas below sea-level, the highest point only being 320 meters above sea level. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. The Hague is the seat of the Dutch Government. Rotterdam is the largest port in the world.


The population of the Netherlands is approximately 16 million, with the majority of these living in the west of the country.

Political Structure

The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, but political power rests with a democratically elected parliament and is based on a written constitution safeguarding individual liberties. The Netherlands is a member of the EU, OECD, the GATT, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, The United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Infrastructure and Economy

A leading international trading centre since the 16th century, the Netherlands is within easy reach by land, sea and air of the 300 million people in the European market. Due of its location, it has an impressive transportation infrastructure and has become a favoured site for international companies in a wide range of industries, particularly for warehousing and distribution.

The Netherlands has a free-market economy and is one of the richest nations in the world. Dutch prosperity has always been based on international trade and industry. The country also benefits from rich agricultural land; much of it reclaimed from the sea and significant natural gas resources. Financial services, as well as the transportation and distribution sectors, are also particularly significant. Trade is critical to the Netherlands; both exports and imports account for more than 50% of GDP.


The official and spoken language is Dutch. However most people also speak English and German.



Exchange Control

Virtually no exchange controls are imposed in the Netherlands although formal reporting requirements are required by the Central Bank these are mainly for statistical purposes.

Type of Law

Civil Law.

Principal Corporate Legislation

Commercial Code of the Netherlands
The Flex-BV Act 2012

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