MorePraxis Banking Services

MorePraxis offers an outstanding range of sophisticated banking services for clients wishing to take some or all of their business offshore. These range from assistance in opening a business account with a selection of leading banks in offshore jurisdictions; to the creation of fully comprehensive merchant accounts which often feature significantly lower processing rates than would be found elsewhere, as well as sundry useful add-ons; and the option to open a Margin FX bank account, enabling fast and easy processing of foreign payments at greatly reduced rates, with the ability to trade in foreign currencies or invest in futures, all from the same account.

Margin FX Bank Accounts

Thanks to rapid progress in internet banking, avoiding excessive bank processing rates on foreign exchange transactions has never been easier. Companies trading on multiple currency platforms, with offices around the world, or that make or receive frequent international payments, can now attain exchange rates that are very close to the market, vital in maintaining an edge over competition and ensuring the best return on investment. MorePraxis offer the HSBC Margin FX bank account, a market leading product and the choice of many international businesses and investors.

The unusual name can be misleading – in fact the Margin FX bank account is very similar to a standard business account, just with greater flexibility and an extended range of features, making it the preferred choice of many new start-ups, particularly those involved in global commerce. Another reason for its rapid adoption is the HSBC FX bank account can be opened with remarkable ease, requiring only a passport and certificate of incorporation. It gives holders access to 45 trading pairs from 10 major currencies, 24-hour online trading and investment opportunities, and numerous other valuable assets to help you monitor, manage and grow your money in a secure environment.

With exceptional convenience, MorePraxis FX bank accounts also help clients wishing to trade in foreign exchange, stocks, CFDs or futures, to better attain their investment goals without needing to open a separate account. MorePraxis has helped hundreds of clients needing assistance in managing their offshore banking requirements, and there’s little doubt that the company offers superb value in registering UK companies and opening FX accounts.

Business Bank Accounts

In offshore jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the Seychelles, MorePraxis customers looking to open a new business bank account can do this for substantially less than applying directly to the bank, sometimes with savings of up to 30%. Activation can be as quick as 7 working days in some countries, and most banks require little or no deposit. Remote account opening is frequently available also, at a small cost. MorePraxis is therefore able to help their clients in securing privacy, favourable interest rates and tax systems, and sovereign risk management.

Merchant Accounts

Virtually every business now needs some form of online payment system, whether it be for card present (chip and pin) transactions, or non-card present (for example internet or telephone commerce). Historically, companies registered offshore have faced difficulties setting these up, but MorePraxis now offers clients a selection of quick, easy and extremely cost-effective packages that include both merchant account and vitally, a payment gateway. Depending on their business needs, clients can choose from Barclaycard, JCC or PayPal solutions, which typically feature very low processing rates, UK Ltd company registration (not applicable to JCC) and the option of professional e-commerce website development.

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