Cyprus offshore company

Company formation including goverment filing fees
Registered office address for 12 months
Apostille & documents legalisation
Nominee shareholder and director for 1 year
The Power of Attorney
Tax Identification Number (TIC)
Registration with TAXISNET
Company seal
Courier shipping fees
Business account at Rietumu Bank (fast-track)
HSBC Margin FX bank account (fast-track)
Total cost £1345 £1499
Annual service charge £999 £1199
Discounted rates for business bank accounts
Bank of Cyprus (Cyprus)
Business debit cards are issued free of charge

General Information

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. Located in the north-eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea Cyprus is effectively a crossroads linking Europe, Asia and Africa. It covers an area of 9,251 sq km and lies 65 km south of Turkey, 96 km west of Syria, 385 km North of Egypt and some 980 km south-east of Athens. The capital is Nicosia. The principal topographical features of Cyprus are the two mountain ranges running along the centre and north-east of the Island, separated by a wide and fertile plain. Cyprus has a pleasant climate with dry, hot summers and mild winters.


The population of Cyprus is about 802,500. Greek Cypriots form the largest ethnic community representing approximately 85%; Turkish Cypriots comprise the second largest community representing 12% and the remaining 3% representing other minorities.

Political Structure

Cyprus became an independent Republic in 1960. The political system is modelled on Western democracies in which individual rights are respected and private enterprise is given every opportunity to develop. Under its Constitution, Cyprus has a presidential system of Government. The President is the Head of State and is elected for a five-year term of office.

The executive arm of the Government is the Council of Ministers to which the President appoints members. The Ministers are responsible for the administration of all matters falling within the domain of their ministries and for the implementation of legislation. Legislative power is in the hands of the House of Representatives, which consists of 56 elected members who hold office for a period of five years. A multi-party system operates in Cyprus and the electoral system is based on proportional representation.

The legal system is based on that of the United Kingdom and all statutes regulating business matters and procedure are based on English Law. Most laws are officially translated in to English.

Infrastructure and Economy

Cyprus is readily accessible by air and sea. The major port facilities are those of Limassol and Larnaca, situated along the south coast of the Island.

The economy of Cyprus is based on a free enterprise system. The Government's role is limited to regulation, planning and the provision of public utilities. During the last fifteen years, the economy of Cyprus has demonstrated spectacular growth and its currency has enjoyed relative stability.


Greek and Turkish are the official languages of Cyprus but English is widely spoken and understood, particularly in commercial and government sectors.



Exchange Control

Offshore activities are exempted from exchange control.

Type of Law

Commom Law with Civil law influences on Family and Constitutional/ Administrative Law mainly.

Principal Corporate Legislation

The companies' law in Cyprus is the Cyprus Companies Law, Cap.113, which is based on the English 1948 Companies Act. Single member companies were introduced by the Companies (Amendment) Act 2000 and other amending legislation was passed during the last decade for modernising and improvising purposes.

Virtual office in Cyprus

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